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Colonial Funeral Home was started by Leon Manning and Jared Clinger in October of 1992. The community of Pocatello was soon able to see the compassion, understanding, and level of service offered at Colonial Funeral Home was unparalleled. We believe personal service and attention to the needs of the family are our most important responsibilities. Today, our diverse staff of professionals continues to provide families the professional service they expect and the personal care they deserve.

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Did you know that Funeral Web-casting has been named one of the top tech trends? Colonial Funeral Home now offers live web-casting of funerals as well as audio and video recordings of funerals on demand. This is a service that is available to all families we serve. Web-casting of live funerals can be done for funeral and memorial services that are performed at our facility. On-Demand service recordings are able to be played at any time. A player is attached to the obituary page and you are able to listen to them at anytime.

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In The Community

I realize that the topic of “Coping with Loss during the Holidays” is a very broad and complicated topic, and no one that can fully be addressed in a two column newspaper article. Understandably so, if you have symptoms of loss of appetite,  dulled senses,  alcohol or chemical dependency, depression, anger, or simply no motivation to do anything you are probably still suffering “acute grief”.  The mere fact that you are reading this means that you are suffering or want to try and help someone who is suffering. If so, I want so say “I’m sorry”. There don’t seem to be right words that can ease the pain. I would say to you, just take the first step, and then another.

Don’t be alone for the holidays and if you are seek out a place for comfort. Here are a few suggestions for you,

1)      Colonial Funeral Home Christmas memorial. It will be held Monday evening at 6:30 PM at Colonial Funeral Home, 2005 S. 4th Ave. Pocatello, 83201. Anyone is welcome. We have a short program, some treats and offer a free Christmas ornament.

2)      Look into a grief support group. Here are a couple of options;

Encompass Hospice, 4425 Burley Drive, Chubbuck. 637-1100 the group meets every Thursday 5:30 – 7:00p pm

Alliance Hospice, 353 N. 4th Ave. suite 205, Pocatello, 478-6677. Group meets 2nd Thursday of the month at 4:00 PM.

3)      Be involved in your church Holiday activities. Many times you may find immense joy in helping others.



Also, here are a couple links to some articles that have some very good insight in recovery.


I hope you can find peace and happiness this season.


Jared Clinger



2013 Salute & Celebration BBQ

Nothing draws a crowd like the smell of a professional barbecue. Thursday May 23rd Colonial Funeral Home hosted their 15th annual Salute & Celebration barbecue celebrating those who served in public service and all the veterans and active duty members in the area.

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